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Crossbreeding Beef Breeds

Fleckvieh x Brahman

Crossings between Fleckvieh and Brahman have the ability to adapt excellently to hot climates, for example in the southern parts of Africa and Middle- and South America.

Crossbreeding devides into two breeding directions:

  • Some breeders like the advantages of the F1 generation and are specialised in the production of F1 animals.
  • Simbrah is the name of a separate breed that was developed by crossing Simmental and Brahman. Simbrah cattle have 5/8 Simmental and 3/8 Brahman-blood. This "synthetic breed" excellently adapts to tropic climates.

Simbrah cow with calf


Crossings between Fleckvieh and Brahman bring about the following advantages:

  • Heat tolerance
  • Natural tick resistance
  • More milk
  • Excellent maternal traits
  • Pigmentation
  • High daily gains
  • Excellent beef quality
  • Docile animals