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Testing Programme

Buying of the young sires

Bavarian Fleckvieh Genetics purchases about 100 genomically tested breeding bulls per year at local lifestock auctions or directly out of the farmers' barns. We select our bulls from a population of 750.000 Fleckvieh herdbook cows in Bavaria.

Many of these young sires (candidates) come out of so called planned matings, which means especially selected siredams were mated to the best Fleckvieh sires available.

The other bulls come out of regular but promising matings with herdbook cows.

We also purchase sires from other countries like Austria, the Czech Republic, Australia and South Africa.

When buying bulls we focus on production and fitness traits. However, great importance is also attached to the type traits of a bull. We believe in dual purpose and therefore to us it is crucial how a bull looks.

Also cow families and bloodlines are important for decision making. We want to offer genetics that proves its worth in the long term in all different kinds of production systems and climates.

Testing of the candidates

After the quarantine period is over (28 days pre-quarantine and 28 days main quarantine period) 1.200 doses of semen of each candidate are collected and used in farms that take part in milk recording. The goal is to get as much data of first lactations of daughters of a candidate as possible in order to judge his hereditary performance.

This testing period lasts for six weeks. Each bull is tested in different regions (crop farming, grassland). This guarantees that regional effects do not have a major influence on a bulls breeding value.


Waiting bulls

After the testing period further 15.000 semen straws are collected from each sire. Afterwards the sire is kept on one of our waiting stations at Börnchen / Saxony or Anzing, till the first production data of his daughters are published. This takes about four years.

Waiting bulls at our farm in Saxony


Genomically selected young bulls

The German Animal Breeding Law now allows us to sell semen of bulls without previous progeny testing that have genomic breeding values with an accuracy of 50%. This means that semen of all bulls that finished quarantine period can now be immediately marketed.

Proven sires

Bavarian Fleckvieh Genetics attaches great importance to the fact that the bulls still run through a field progeny testing. Especially the estimation of the type traits is subject to quite high variations. After production results of the progeny are published and the daughters were inspected for their type traits, "the wheat is separated from the chaff" and the bulls marketed as "proven sires" are chosen.


New selection methods

New methods of biotechnology allow us a precise testing of single traits of the hereditary performance of a sire, as for example beef quality traits or milk quality traits. Of course we take advantage of these methods and test our sires.